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Streamlined channel partner enablement training

SchoolKeep’s cloud-based learning platform enables companies to create and distribute online training content to their channel partners. We give channel development teams the tools to easily launch branded training centers that learners can access at any time, create courses that work on any device, and closely track learner progress.

Our customers are empowering their partners with product training, tracking the return on training investments, and scaling training efforts cost-effectively.

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Cultivate productive channel partnerships


Track the return on your training investment

The effectiveness of traditional training methods, e.g., instructor-led training, webinars and phone-based support, is challenging to quantify. Using a learning platform enables you to tie training metrics directly to financial KPIs.


Empower partners with up-to-date training resources

Instructor-led training and webinars can’t reach every channel partner. Absentee rates are high, and it’s hard to monitor whether learners are retaining information. Self-paced product training that can be accessed on any device empowers partners to perform at elite levels.


Transmit company culture and values to channel partners

Without guidance, channel partners could misrepresent your brand. Streamline partner onboarding by using online training to transmit culture and values, so partners can accurately act on behalf of your company in the marketplace.


Motivate channel partners to complete training

While offering rewards to top channel partners is a proven strategy for driving performance, there is only so much trophies can do to ensure results. Offering gradated levels of training and certifications serve as additional forms of motivation for partners taking online courses.


Scale training programs to hundreds of partners cost-effectively

Online learning makes your channel partner training efforts cost-efficient and scalable. This reduces the costs associated with virtual instructor-led training (VILT), coordinating webinar sessions, and phone-based support.