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Pay as You Grow

Pay only for the users that view your courses. From building your first course to delivering training to tens of thousands of users, our pricing scales with your growth.

In a month when 20 people access your content,
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In a month when 20 people access your content, your fee will be $250.

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Our Simple Pricing Approach

We believe in simple pricing that aligns to your success. Unlike traditional LMS vendors that force you to select a rigid feature package and pay upfront for users you’ll never need, we give you access to all SchoolKeep’s features and only charge you for the users that access your courses.

Before you are billed each month, we proactively go through all of the learners enrolled in your school and exclude those that have not accessed content in the last 30 days. We charge you only for active learners. Our pay-as-you-grow approach enables you to get started for a nominal monthly fee and scale up or down as your training operation requires.

If your business requires a fixed annual price, give us a call, and we’ll customize a plan for you.

All-Inclusive Features

Access all features and apps at no extra cost.

  • online-learning-center

    Online course builder

    Create engaging, interactive online courses with ease.

  • create-online-courses

    Learning experience

    Deliver a modern and intuitive learning experience.

  • training-metrics

    White labeling

    Apply your brand throughout your entire online training center.

  • lms-api

    API and SSO

    Automate processes and enable seamless access to your courses.

  • lms-features

    Real-time reporting

    Gain real-time insights into critical training metrics.

  • lms-pricing

    Apps and integrations

    Enrich and extend your online training center with native apps and integrations.

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World-Class Customer Service

Partner with SchoolKeep to launch and grow your training operation.

  • Customer success

    From product onboarding to program success, a Customer Success Manager is dedicated to your training initiative’s success every step of the way.

  • Ongoing support

    Maximize the value of a new feature or get assistance with an inquiry. Our online training experts are always available to help you succeed.

  • Knowledge base

    Access step-by-step guides on how to use SchoolKeep’s features and materials that will help you become an expert in online training practices.

  • Resource center

    Learn how to create powerful online content, measure your program’s success and streamline your training operations with our robust resource center.

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

How does pricing work?

At the end of each month, we will invoice you based on the number of users that signed in and viewed your courses. We call these “Active Users.”

Is there an onboarding fee?

There is a one-time onboarding fee. This fee gives you immediate access to a Customer Success Manager who will work with you to ensure that you launch and succeed quickly.

Do you offer enterprise plans?

Yes. Our enterprise plans include fixed-rate annual pricing, account management services, service level agreements (SLA) and custom contract terms.

How can I receive support?

We assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help launch your program on SchoolKeep and ensure your initiative is successful every step of the way. Additionally, you will have access to our product knowledge base, a wealth of online training resources and a ticket center managed by knowledgeable product experts.

Can I pay upfront and save?

Yes. You save 10% when you pay upfront for one year.

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Submit your company email address and a SchoolKeep learning specialist will be in touch shortly.