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Streamline training operations for your on-demand workforce

Software to build and scale branded training experiences for tech-enabled companies

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Seamless Training Within Your Brand Experience

SchoolKeep’s cloud-based LMS helps you scale training as your company grows by enabling you to deliver engaging on-demand workforce training resources online.

From building integrated training workflows to analyzing success metrics, SchoolKeep provides an intuitive, all-in-one solution for businesses to enable partner success, maintain brand trust and increase consumer satisfaction.

"Choosing SchoolKeep meant using a platform that could help us train internally without complex integration tasks, on-premise installations or other typical LMS headaches."


Dave Willson

Partner, Zenkeep

Empower your dynamic workforce


Optimize workforce onboarding efficiency

Instill brand values in a cohesive online learning experience. Make new provider onboarding easy so they can get back to what’s important - reaching success on your platform and fueling growth in your business.


Your brand from end to end

Customize every step of your training flow by leveraging SchoolKeep’s styling tools and CSS editor. Our powerful single sign-on (SSO) integrations allow you to seamlessly connect your training with your platform.


Manage operations with ease

Simplify your operational procedures and make it easier for your team to improve KPIs with SchoolKeep’s all-in-one solution.


Align training metrics with business goals

Improve core processes by using data to correlate training outcomes with business goals. Access analytics in real-time, pull data into Salesforce, or export reports and provide them to stakeholders in your company.


Scale your training initiative

Build a workforce education program that scales with your growing community. Leverage SchoolKeep’s intuitive tools to efficiently create and maintain content, and manage your network of providers with ease.