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Make training your competitive advantage

SchoolKeep is modern software for optimizing training operations. Attract better prospects, reduce onboarding time, and increase retention.


Drive success across any initiative

Empower your Workforce

Streamlining training operations for your on-demand workforce helps you scale with your growing community.

Train Customers

Educating customers on your products and services will improve retention rates, increase engagement and boost customer satisfaction.

Enable your Partners

Training partners on your business processes, sales techniques and support operations will strengthen relationships and drive results.

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Streamline training operations

Course Building

Drag and drop existing resources to create engaging training modules in just a few clicks.

Mobile Learner Interface

Enable your users to easily access and navigate through timely content on any device.

Custom Brand Experience

Gain full control of the design and accessibility of your training center to create a cohesive brand experience.

Role Management

Easily add and manage admin and learner roles within one central location and streamline content access.

Analytics and Webhooks

Access and leverage data to automate processes and build deeper integrations across your training operations.


Enable integrations with top SaaS tools to help you foster alignment across your organization.

Empower users at every step of their journey


Offer thought leadership to bring awareness to your brand and products.


Make your application process comprehensible and easy to complete.

First Exchange

Encourage users to become active on your platform or within your organization.

Growth and Retention

Create successful users who continue to see and show value in your business.


Preserve your brand integrity by providing remedial training in response to specific behaviors.


Build brand champions who advocate for and help grow your community.

Trusted by innovative companies worldwide