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Deliver training across every channel

  • Workforce Training Easily create and share engaging online courses about your company's brand, products, and operations.

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  • Customer TrainingDesign and launch a branded customer training portal and certification program quickly and easily.

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  • Partner TrainingEfficiently train partners on your products, sales programs, operations, and compliance standards.

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Deliver training at every step of the user journey

  • Acquisition Incorporate online courses in your marketing and outreach initiatives to boost qualified leads and attract exceptional talent.

  • Onboarding Include online courses in your onboarding framework to provide new customers and workers with the skills they need to succeed.

  • Growth Provide a catalog of online courses and certification programs to continue developing the capabilities of your users and workforce.

  • user-retention Yann-Edouard Colleu Operations Coordinator, Uber

    “I was looking for a platform with a culture of delivering great things, and making magic, which is a core value at Uber. This is what I’ve found with SchoolKeep on a human and professional level."

  • customer-onboarding Mondee Lu User Advocate, Everlaw

    "SchoolKeep allowed us to put together a robust product learning curriculum in less than a day and helped us reduce the on-boarding time for both new employees and partner organizations."

  • create-online-courses Aislinn Malszecki Online Content Strategy, MaRS Discovery District

    "Using SchoolKeep, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in engagement from our entrepreneurs. There is strong comprehension and great movement through the course content."