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  • Salesforce

    Gain visibility into how learners are progressing through your courses by using Salesforce in combination with SchoolKeep.

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  • Fountain

    Track workers throughout your funnel, and ensure they receive the right content at the right time.

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  • GoToWebinar & Training

    Enrich your courses by incorporating live, instructor-led events.

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  • Google Analytics

    Monitor traffic in your learning center and learner engagement in your courses.

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  • API Access

    Enable communication between your systems and SchoolKeep to automate workflows.

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  • SchoolKeep Webhooks

    Automate processes by sending learner-triggered events and information about the event.

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  • Scorm 1.2

    Integrate interactive training content into your courses with SCORM.

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  • SchoolKeep Community

    Increase engagement by creating a vibrant and private community.

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  • Credentials

    Create certification programs and issue credentials to your learners.

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  • Search and Discovery

    Use categories and add a search bar so your learners can find content quickly and easily.

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  • Customer.io

    Send emails to learners based on actions they take within your courses.

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  • Learner Profiles

    Enhance your learner community with improved profiles.

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