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Create an online learning center for your customers

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Customer success meets online learning

SchoolKeep’s cloud-based learning platform enables customer success teams to create and distribute training content to customers online. We give teams the tools to create online courses, deliver interactive learning, track learning data and centralize training resources inside a fully customizable learning center.

Our customers are increasing user retention rates, decreasing support costs, improving customer satisfaction, and solving challenges that arise from traditional customer training methods.

"SchoolKeep is a learning platform that helps us train our customers without typical LMS headaches."


Dave Willson

Partner, Zenkeep

Empower your customers and your business at the same time


Help customers become product experts

With an online customer learning center, your customers can access your company's training content, which helps you increase customer satisfaction, product usage and upsells.


Scalable, affordable training methods

Instructor-led training, user documentation, static content libraries and phone-based support are highly personalized, but they’re also expensive. Online learning makes your customer training efforts cost-efficient and scalable.


Training for your customers, when and where they want it

With a self-paced LMS, training is immediately accessible to new customers. This reduces the costs and timelines associated with user onboarding.


Centralize your customer training resources on one platform

Our learning platform helps companies organize their training content and resources in one central learning center, where customers can access the training on demand.


Profit from traditional customer training methods

In addition to reducing travel and administrative costs, online learning even helps companies profit from traditional training methods, such as making instructor-led offerings a premium service.