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Features for the entire enterprise

Train smarter and faster with an all-in-one solution

Online Course Creation

Our suite of course creation tools is equal parts powerful and usable. It's built to help you develop courses that learners will love.


Develop professional online courses using an intuitive course builder that makes course authoring easy and fast for any business.


Deliver self-paced instruction or schedule courses for learners to take in cohorts.


Save time and money by uploading video content directly to SchoolKeep. We handle all of your video hosting and streaming needs.


Integrate rich, interactive SCORM modules into your courses to boost learner engagement. Track how learners interact with the content.

Hosted Content

Upload documents, presentations, images, and resources. Simply drag and drop content from your computer straight into your courses.

Embedded Multimedia

Embed multimedia content such as video, audio, presentations, and images from leading content hosts including YouTube, SlideShare, Prezi, and SoundCloud.


Author quizzes directly on our platform and include them in your courses to assess learners' understanding of your content.


Help learners think deeper about your lessons by providing them with assignments they can download, complete, and upload back onto the platform.


Request feedback from learners by creating and embedding surveys in your courses, using tools such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey and Typeform. Our deep integration with Qualtrics and Typeform help you streamline the process of survey administration.


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners and instructors with discussion prompts you can include in your lessons.

Learning Experience

Engage employees, customers and channel partners wherever they are. Our platform is fully responsive, which makes the learning experience seamless across multiple devices and browsers.

Modern Interface

Deliver online courses through an interface that applies modern best practices in online learning experience design. Users can review the course syllabus, learn about the instructor, advance through lessons, and consume content with ease.


Make your courses available to learners on the devices they use every day. Our learning experience is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Deliver your online courses around the world by translating your learning center into local languages.

White Labeling

Between our site editor and other white-labeling options, companies can brand every element of their online learning centers.

Website Theme

Launch an online learning center quickly and easily using our professional website theme. There is no technical expertise required to get up and running.

Custom URL

Point the web address of your learning center to a unique URL. Host it under a new a subdomain, create a subdirectory, or use an entirely new domain.

White Labeling

Brand your entire online learning center. Add logos and favicons, customize your colors and fonts, and use original artwork.

Code Editor

Gain full control of your online learning center’s layout and appearance using our powerful HTML and CSS code editor.


Create as many pages as you need for your learning center. Add an overview page, create a page for each course, or add pages for your instructors.


Manage the navigation of your online learning center. Determine what links go in your header and footer. Link back to your main site or blog, and connect to other portals or resource centers.

User Management

Manage trainers and learners with just one account. Set user permissions, upload learners in bulk, manage groups and more.

User Permissions

Set up users as administrators, instructors, or learners to ensure they have access to the features and data they need.

Bulk User Uploads

Efficiently manage large user bases by uploading lists of learners and assigning them to courses or groups.

Group Management

Distribute courses efficiently by assigning them to groups of learners in different departments or locations.

Content Distribution

Configure how your learners can access your content. Preassign courses based on the role of the learner, allow only registered learners to explore your catalog and self-enroll in courses, or even create a public-facing website and sell your courses online.


Synchronize user data to send targeted email messages that keep learners abreast of your latest training offerings and encourage them to complete courses.


Monitoring learner progress and engagement data gives companies the necessary insights to perfect their learning content.

Insightful Dashboards

Gain visibility into the performance of your courses and outcomes for your learners using a suite of intuitive dashboards. View high-level snapshots representing performance across your entire learning center, or drill down to answer specific questions about specific courses and learners.

Learner Progress

Track learners as they progress through your courses. Spot locations in your courses where learners are struggling.


Launch new online courses and monitor enrollment trends in real time. Track sales per enrollment with our eCommerce features.

Data Exports

Analyze your learning data with tools you use every day, such as Microsoft Excel. Export lists of learner, enrollment, and sales data with one click.

Video Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your video-based training content using advanced engagement data.

Google Analytics

Gain insights into how learners are navigating through your online learning center and courses using Google Analytics.


Give learners seamless access to their courses from your product, or connect with popular third party applications to streamline training operations.

App Selection

Activate the features that make sense for your business, and leave the others behind. Tailor your experience your organization's needs and remove the clutter of unnecessary features.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow learners to access your courses using credentials they already use everyday. We support OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and other protocols upon request.


Add discussion prompts to your activities. Our integration with Disqus means users can collaborate without ever having to create their own Disqus accounts.

Google Analytics

Track learners as they navigate through courses and measure their engagement with your content.


Automatically send emails to learners based on actions they take in your courses. Send them emails that confirm their enrollment, remind them to start a course, and encourage them to complete their assignments.


Keep your sales, marketing, and support teams informed about your online training initiatives. Provide all of your account managers and customers service agents visibility to data on learner enrollments and course progress.


Synchronize your learner data and send targeted emails that keep learners up-to-date on current courses and new training offerings.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud-based platform scales with your company. Benefit from instant upgrades and heightened security, without the difficulties of on-premise software installations.

Continuous Product Updates

Gain visibility into the work we do to improve our product, whether that means fixing bugs, polishing existing interactions, or adding new features. New updates are posted monthly so you always know what’s happening at SchoolKeep.

Secure Hosting

We manage all computing, data storage, network infrastructure, and security systems, so you can focus on helping your learners grow and succeed.

Active Monitoring

Our systems monitor your online learning center 24/7/365 to ensure it is always available and performing as expected.

Automatic Backups

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is automatically backed up daily using industry-leading data centers.

Seamless Upgrades

Benefit from the automatic release of new features without having to manage complex deployment processes, rigorous quality assurance procedures, and inflexible maintenance windows.

Customer Success

With SchoolKeep, not only do you get great technology but also an entire team of experts to help you launch and grow your online learning initiatives. 

Support Center and Blog

Access a comprehensive set of product documentation in our support center to learn how to get the most out of our learning platform. Check out our blog for the latest strategies for creating great online courses.

Online Courses

At SchoolKeep, we use our own products every day. Our instructional design experts have developed courseware to help you take advantage of all our powerful features, at your own pace.

Email Support

Send us an email. In fact, send us many. We’d love to hear from you. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and help you succeed. 

Success Manager

Enterprise plans include a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Your success manager is experienced in online training and instructional design, and is committed to enabling your success within the platform.

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