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Powerful Apps and Integrations


SaaS integrations

Integrate training data with Salesforce, deliver virtual events with Citrix, train new applicants with OnboardIQ and much more.

SchoolKeep apps

Customize your learners' experience with native apps that do everything from enabling community discussions to making content searches a breeze.

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Flexible API and Webhooks



Connect training data to internal systems, build a custom front-end catalog and even create new processes using our robust API.

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Automate workflows, communications, reporting and other critical training processes using real-time webhooks.


More than a Platform, a Partnership

Implementation specialist

Work with an expert, assigned specifically to your account, who will train you on SchoolKeep's features, help you configure your account and ensure that you launch and succeed quickly.

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Knowledge base

Access step-by-step guides on how to use SchoolKeep's features and materials that will help you become an expert in online training practices.

Ongoing support

Maximize the value of a new feature or get assistance with an inquiry. Our online training experts are always available to help you succeed.


Pricing that Aligns with Your Success

Pay as you grow

Pay only for the users that view your courses each month. You'll never be charged for users you don't need.

All-inclusive features

Access all features, integrations, apps and support for no additional charge. We've made LMS pricing simple.

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